Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


As soon as the registration is done, parents can contact babysitters.
Parent’s ads are reviewed by the website before they get published and as soon as they are live, babysitters can contact them


Babysitters can contact parents as soon as their profiles are completed and submitted.

Once you have registered with us, you will receive a welcome email containing your account password. At times this email gets flagged as “span” or “junk” mail by over-sassy email protection systems.
Hence…check your “spam” or “junk” folders.
And once you get it, you can move them to your main folder and contact list. Here are the email ids:

This is an upcoming, brand new website, and we are providing free memberships both to parents and babysitters to help build it as soon as possible.
Avatars not only add fun to the site but are also immensely secure as building a site with thousands of photos of young women and kids is not really a good idea for known reasons.

Default sorting order for search ad listings is totally dependent on proximity, then on how lately a member has frequented the website.
Hence your listing will be visible when you are placed in proximity to the parent’s location. The best way to keep your listing on top in these search results pare is to sign in to your account daily.

As soon as a parent completes and submits a Babysitting Job Ad, it will fall under approval process.
If the ad is devoid of any problems, the ad gets approved within 4 hours, based on when the ad was submitted.

As soon as you have registered with us, you can get in touch with other members.
You can find a search listing; click through to reach the Babysitter Profile or Job Ad. Under the avatar, you’ll get a “CONTACT” button. Press this to contact a babysitter or a parent.
Remember that babysitters can just contact parents, not other babysitters—and vice versa.

You will get a notification email in your inbox. You can click on the link present in the email and site will open, displaying a page with the complete message on it.

Click on “my attachments” and start with uploading files to your account. These will be present to be attached to your messages.

According to us un-moderated reviews can be simply abused, and can do far more tarnish the reputation than doing good. All one unreasonable parent needs to do is post a negative comment about a babysitter to put an end to all enquiries flowing through to a nanny.
This is also the logic we don’t support a rating system on our site. While both these ideas are fabulous for stuff like music or movie reviews, they are quite troublesome for website like this.
We do trust, but that good reviews will improve any members Profile/Job Advertisement, adding massive trustworthiness. We also trust that terrific babysitters (and parents) will simply reap great reviews, while bad performance will not serve any purpose.
We also believe that not only the caretakers that should be capable of obtaining reviews but even parents should also benefit from favorable comments from caretakers.
Those that desire to flag bad behavior can get in touch with us without wasting time and we’ll certainly take the right action.

You can set favorites by clicking on the heart icon, either on their search listing or the Profile/Job Ad of person you have found interesting.
Besides, you need not register to set favorites, however you will be required to login to save the list in your account.

Login, carry out your search, set the filters you need, and click the “alert” button. This search will be saved in your account, where you can supervise how it functions.
You will then get email alerts whenever there is some new listing that matches your needs.

All website of this nature have the vulnerability to be abused. We have robust security protocols in place, however there are a few things that you should do to stay safe and secure
Never SHARE your home address, surname or any contact information in your profile. This is an important security measure. Our messaging system is robust, quick and simple to use—and it will aid to keep you secure online
Never SHARE your residential address, surname or any contact information in your VERY FIRST CONTACT MESSAGE. If any parent shows any interest in your profile, they will quickly reply your messages.
If you ever come across that looks suspicious, or get any messages that are not related straightaway to babysitter, you can get in touch with us without any delay.
Never accept a job without meeting the parents in person and always fix a meeting in public area for security reasons

"Babysitters will have a good time looking for jobs here…No doubt!!"

Rates are based on a number of things, involving job description, number of kids, location, educational qualifications and work hours. You will usually get an idea of present rates by viewing at other local search listings.
It is illegitimate to pay anyone less than the minimum wages, presently ________ is the rate. This rate can be adjusted up and down depending on the scenarios.
Usually, rates range from ___ to _______, averaging somewhere between _____and ____.

Usually, yes. Luckily, a good babysitter can aid you fix this up

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