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Babysitters Guidelines

Contact info

Leaving your cell number (and your partner's too) and telling the sitter where you're going are no-brainers. But also leave these need-to-know numbers: the phone for the restaurant (or wherever else you're headed) in case you can't be reached on the cell, plus the contact info for a trusted neighbor or close-by friend or family member, as well as the number and address of the pediatrician and the location of the nearest ER. She may never need any of them, but better safe than sorry.

Your child's routine

Meals, naps, baths, bed — little kids love knowing what to expect next, which is why you've probably worked hard to put a routine in place. Write down the details for your sitter so she can stick to it as closely as possible. That way, your cutie will have something familiar to fall back upon when you're away — and your sitter won't have to deal with a case of the crankies or a full-blown meltdown.

How to sooth your sweetie

You want a sitter who can tame a tantrum or calm your tot's fears, so let her in on the tricks that work for you — the special lovey that never fails to soothe, the "monster spray" to clear his room of dragons right before bedtime. She'll probably have some secrets of her own to share after she gets to know your little one.

Big tantrum triggers

On the flipside, you'll need to clue in the sitter to the things that set your sweetie off (and the best way to deal with them) — foods that touch on his plate, thunder claps, big dogs. Even if she can't always avoid those things, she'll at least know how to handle them when they come up.

The exact location of everything your child needs

Keep the essentials in one easy-to-find location if you can — from the extra pack of diapers to the stash of pacis to the emergency 1000rs. in case your babysitter needs to take a taxi if your child gets hurt. Plus, don't forget to give a detailed tour of the nursery, family room, kitchen, and bathroom so she can find whatever else she needs.

Food rules

Think broadly (when to feed, what to feed) and specifically (whether to cut her PB&J into tiny rectangles or triangles). Explain your views on treats — which ones you allow and how often. And if your little one's allergic, post the foods he can't eat on the fridge (or text the list to your sitter's phone) so she doesn't give him something dangerous by mistake.

Important medical intel

Keep a first-aid kit handy for everyday boo-boos, and if your child is severely allergic, show the sitter how to use an EpiPen — even if she knows CPR. Are you comfortable letting the sitter give your cutie pain-relieving meds in case he has a fever? Then leave a dosing chart in the first-aid kit and go over the info. And just in case she needs to rush your tot to the doctor or hospital, be sure she has a notarized medical-release form that authorizes medical treatment by health-care pros. The form should also include your health-insurance information.

Your family safety plan

Where are the fire extinguishers? Do you have an emergency escape ladder? How do you shut off the gas and water? Where's the fuse box? Post a quick-reference sheet for the sitter on the fridge. Include emergency phone numbers for the police and poison control.

House rules

Sometimes, parents don't take the time to explain what's allowed and what's off-limits. Be clear and don't feel bad or apologize for laying down guidelines. If you don't want your sitter rooting around the pantry for snacks, set aside a good selection of food in a basket on the kitchen table and explain that's all for her. If you don't want her pals or boyfriend in the house, tell her that guests aren't allowed. Be specific about which rooms she should stay out of (your bedroom, the home office) and which tech gadgets she can use (maybe put away your laptop, but keep the tablet out).